SPIRE Seminar - 7 December 2016 - Note room change

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SPIRE Seminar - 7 December 2016 - Note room change

Postby T. Wood » Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:59 pm

Professor Andrew Gamble, 'Does Brexit mean Brexit?'

Professor Andrew Gamble is Emeritus Professor of Politics at Queen's College, Cambridge. He has published extensively on British politics, the political economy of the British state, Thatcherism and Britain's place between Europe and America.
His publications include: The Conservative Nation (1974), Britain in Decline: Economic Policy, Political Strategy and the British State (1981), The Free Economy and the Strong State: The Politics of Thatcherism (1988), Between Europe and America: The Future of British Politics (2003) and Hayek: The Iron Cage of Liberty (1996).

CBA1.103, Chancellor's Building - 17:00-18:30

All are welcome to attend.
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