The School of Psychology Seminar on deja vu

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The School of Psychology Seminar on deja vu

Postby psb26 » Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:14 pm

Dear All

The next School of Psychology Seminar will take place on Wednesday 30th November, 1-2pm, room DH0.51.

Dr Akira Robert O'Connor, SINAPSE Lecturer, at the University of St Andrews will be giving a very interesting talk on the recent advances and challenges regarding research on "deja vu". A short bio of Dr O'Connor and a brief outline of his talk cab be found below.
Hope to see you all there

Bio: I research memory decision-making. I am particularly interested in how we use all the information available to us to make strategic decisions about our memories. Many of my experiments set up a tension between these various sources of information - for example, what we 'know' to be true about our memories, and how our memories 'feel'. I use cognitive psychological and cognitive neuroscientific approaches, and am particularly interested in developing novel tasks that uncover aspects of the decision-making process that traditional tasks leave unexplored.

Abstract: There has been a recent resurgence in the cognitive psychological investigation of deja vu. The uncanny sensation of finding an experience familiar, whilst knowing that it should not be, is widely, but infrequently experienced, with much early research relying on potentially unreliable retrospective reports. As such, much recent effort has been devoted to generating deja vu in the laboratory, with a view to studying it more directly. In this talk, I will outline some of the challenges facing deja vu research, before detailing my own lab's attempts to study the experience in a series of behavioural and fMRI experiments.
Dr Huseyin Cakal
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