The MCC Guest Speaker Series Continues with the following:

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The MCC Guest Speaker Series Continues with the following:

Postby L. Booth » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:01 pm

Wednesday 6th May, 2009 5pm CBA1.099

The MCC Guest Speaker Series Continues with the following:

Dr Eithne Quinn
‘”Tryin’ To Get Over”: Super Fly, Black Politics, and Post-Civil Rights Film Enterprise’.

The blaxploitation film cycle of the early 1970s has been negatively evaluated in film scholarship. These low-budget black crime films are seen to project negative images of black life for the profit of white film executives. This paper argues that there has been an underestimation of black participation in the making of key blaxploitation films and an under recognition of the complexity of their representational politics. Focusing on the most vilified and influential film, 'Super Fly' (Gordon Parks, 1972), this paper looks at black enterprise culture in its production and narrative. The paper argues that 'Super Fly' reflected and reinforced disillusionment with both Civil Rights assimilationism and radical Black Power politics and as such stands as a pre-eminent story of the early post-civil rights period.

Eithne Quinn teaches American Studies at University of Manchester. She is the author of 'Nuthin but a "G" Thang: The Culture and Commerce of Gangsta Rap' (Columbia University Press, 2005). This book was based on her PhD work in American Studies at Keele University. Her new Leverhulme-supported project is on the blaxploitatation film cycle, race politics and the film industry. The book project takes an interdisciplinary approach, tracing the competing currents of racial liberalism and racial reaction that fed into these films in the wake of historic Civil Rights reforms of the 1960s.
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