SPIRE/Environment seminar Weds 14 Oct @ 4 p.m.

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SPIRE/Environment seminar Weds 14 Oct @ 4 p.m.

Postby A.N.H. Dobson » Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:44 am

Bowling with a sponsor - Children's changing attitudes to their citizenship, environment and political agency: A New Zealand Case study

Dr Bronwyn Hayward

Political Science, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Visiting Researcher RESOLVE Group, University of Surrey

And Visiting Fellow Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, UEA.

Wednesday 14th October 4 p.m. Venue tba.


Over the last twenty years, changes in neo-liberal economic and social policy have transformed expectations of citizenship and the state in many democratic states, promoting a rethinking of the social contract which implicitly informs our understanding of the complex reciprocal relationships of rights and obligations in liberal democracies. This seminar considers the impact of these changes for young citizens in New Zealand, where neoliberal reforms were arguably implemented faster and further than in many other developed economies. This discussion is set against the background of a changing climate, a threat which brings children's experiences and expectations of state action into sharper relief.

Children will be amongst those who bear the harshest burdens of climate change and economic recession in both developed and developing countries (UNICEF, 2008). Yet the indicative research reported here suggests that New Zealand's youngest citizens have internalized many of the lessons of neoliberalism with profound consequences for the way future citizens expect to mitigate and adapt to the far reaching social, economic and ecological threats associated with a changing climate. Discussion examines the diverse expectations of children about collective action and the common good.
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