Hotel pricing during EURO 2016

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Hotel pricing during EURO 2016

Postby E. Riley » Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:04 am

Date: 27.03.19
Time: 1 -3pm
Venue: DW0.30, Darwin Building
Speaker: Marcella Nicolini (University of Pavia) and Claudio Piga (Keele Business School)

From uniform to bespoke prices: Hotel pricing during EURO 2016

We investigate the pricing behaviour of Parisian hotels facing date-specific demand shocks due to a big event, the 2016 European Football Cup. The evidence from a unique dataset suggests hotels' pricing approach was versatile. Initially, hotels exhibited a strong propensity for uniform pricing, and set the same room rates on different match dates, despite matches had an heterogeneous appeal.
Bespoke prices for different matches emerged as the start of the tournament approached. We link this behaviour to the evolution of demand uncertainty, which is substantial several months before the kick-off of the event but is progressively resolved over time.
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